Paris Galleries

In the area of Galleries de ​​Paris you can enjoy lunch or dinner in a relaxed atmosphere. This street is one of the busiest in the city, especially at weekends in the evening. Originally, it was to be built on this street a glazed roof, similar to the original Paris galleries.

More concretely the Galrias de Paris Street is located in the downtown of Porto. The old convent of the Carmelites was situated there, a street with elegant buildings, reminiscent of the original, Parisian galleries.

Until 2007 it was a lifeless street, especially at night. However, as of that date, this street, as well as this whole area, have gained a new life and, at the moment, are part of the night script of the city. At weekends its bars and restaurants are packed with people, with various events all over the place.

The Galleria de Paris street is one of the most important night spots in Porto. Along the street there are several bars and nightclubs, although locals prefer to grab a drink and stay out, jumping from one place to another. The result is a busy street, especially at weekends.

If you want to relax, have a drink and listen to good music, then all the ways will give you the beginning of a long anticipated night at Galerias de Paris.

Located next to the Clérigos Tower, in the evening the clients of the bars meet in the street, especially in the hottest nights, to talk in the middle of the sidewalk, glass in hand. However, even on colder nights the streets fill up. With so many people joining together, sometimes it’s hard to see the ground!